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Our customers are the bold ones. Those who push forward with their vision to change the industry. In a competitive market, they fight hard and crave superior quality, fast delivery and honest advice.

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Where do we start?



Visions come to life step by step. We define precisely these steps together in our workshops. In this way, we negotiate agreements in a few hours to save time and resources.

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Software Design

To reduce the complexity of larger software projects, we plan as much as possible in advance. This way we ensure clean code within a stable software architecture.

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Software Design
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Software Development

Software must fit your idea and your business goals exactly. That's why we tailor your software like a custom suit - just for you.

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Software Development
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Code Audits

We put every piece of code through its paces. This way, we eliminate all errors in advance and save valuable time in the project.

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Code Audits

We love challenges because we grow from them and bring out better products for our customers every day. Because we are convinced of every customer project, we work at full speed until the goal is achieved.

Admittedly: Clean code makes our eyes moist.

Code is life, Code is love.|




Friends, partners and customers


Let's take a look behind the scenes of good quality:

People should buy the software, invest in it, use it forever. To do that, they have to fall in love. We make sure that happens so that everything works seamlessly.

We love tech

We put 100% effort into every project and choose every technology with care.

Implemented visions

Herzberg Immobilien

Herzberg Immobilien's platform digitizes the process of buying real estate and is the perfect communication tool between buyer and sales consultant. The tool covers the complete process from the declaration of consent to the viewing and notary appointment bookings to the digital signing of the purchase contract.

Herzberg Immobilien


The investment app Relai offers the easiest way to buy Bitcoin. As a development partner, we developed the backend and the broker. With a microservice architecture, connections to banks and various crypto exchanges, we were able to create a fully functional software that enables bitcoin buying, selling and everything in just 6 months.


Descartes Finance

The Descartes pension application enables investments in private pension funds. Client onboarding is fully digital, including digital signature and risk assessment, which the client can change at any time. Through the dashboard, clients can view the current distribution of equity units selected by Descartes and their progress, edit their account, change deposit ratios, and more.

Descartes Finance


With the app, tr3zor offers the first "Lost and Found" solution on the Ethereum Blockchain. The very innovative application of tr3zor was able to fully convince investors at its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The high security and transparency is ensured by smart contracts and distributed data on IPFS.


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